OPPO R17 Pro Full Review with Battery, and Camera

Hi everyone Shubham here for Zollo Tech and this is something a little bit different than I haven’t seen before at least in the United States this is the Oppo R17 pro and they were nice enough to send this along. So, I could check it out and you’ll see here it says that it’s got 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It’s got a really nice simple package as you can see here and you can get it in the United States but it is not available as far as directly from them you can get it on Amazon and things and I’ll link those in the description.

If you want to check it out yourself now this is on the premium end of smart phones. Let’s open it up here and see what we’ve got so we’ll pull this out of here and see what we have here. So that’s the phone itself let me set that aside for just a moment and this has some pretty interesting things about it so we do get a free case with it.

That’s nice free case it’s got a little blue tint to it so that’s nice and then we’ve got some documentation a quick guide an important information guide we also have a SIM card removal tool. Let’s pop this out of here so we can see if we have anything as far as expandable storage or anything like that and I’ll put this away and then also here we have the super VOOC charger which is supposed to be the fastest charging phone there is.

This should be kind of interesting you’ll see it’s USB eh but the other end is USB see and then we have this little container here this looks very much like apples air pods let’s see how do we remove this here there we go so here what we have is some headphones that look like they have USB C on the bottom and then we have the charger and as you can see here USB a to USB C and it’s recommended that you use this charger to get the fastest charging speeds.

I’ll set this aside we’ll take a look at that and a little bit let me set this aside as well. So here’s the phone itself and the phone actually has a smaller size than I expected but let’s open this up here and this is a color I wasn’t expecting I’ve seen this in a different color but this one looks pretty nice it’s a green color.

It’s kind of a forest green with a black gradient to it it’s pretty nice. I think it looks pretty good let’s turn it over you’ll see it has a teardrop notch there and one thing I did do is see if this is compatible with networks in the United States and for AT&T and t-mobile and even Verizon it looks like it’s compatible now whether or not Verizon would let you put this on their network is still up in the air but it is compatible with t-mobile with the exception of the 700 megahertz band. You could use it in the United States if you wanted to and as you can see we’ve got three cameras here I’ll talk about the specifactions in a moment and on the bottom here we have USB see looks like only one speaker and one microphone there.

Then on this side you’ve got your volume buttons on the top looks like another microphone and it’s kind of flatten edit’s not rounded off it’s kind of interesting on this side your power sleep-wake and then let’s see what we’ve got in the SIM tray. So if we pop the SIM tray out I believe it’s a dual SIM I don’t think there’s expandable memory here. We do have dual SIM card ability here put this back and that’s pretty much it for this part it looks like the earphone this is very similar to a one plus 60 with the exception of the camera in the back we even have a fingerprint sensor under the display so let me go ahead and boot this up and then I’ll talk about the specs.

We’ll turn it on now this comes in right around 578 dollars that’s what I could find it for in the United States on Amazon you may be able to find it a little bit less expensive or more depending where you live like I said before it is a dual SIM and it has a 6 point four inch AMOLED 2340 by 1080 with 402 pixels per inch it’s also using Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 it runs Android 8.1 with color OS 5 point.

We’ll see if there’s an update for that later and it also has Qualcomm snapdragon 710 with 8 gigabytes of ram an Adreno 6 16 GPU and 128 gigabytes of storage like I said before on the back it has three cameras and what’s interesting about these cameras is the top one is a time-of-flight3d stereo camera. This is for scanning 3d images we’ll take a look at that in a moment we have a 12 megapixel camera here with an F 1.5 – 2 point 4adjustable aperture with dual pixel autofocus.

It also has a 20 megapixel F2.6 aperture and then it can record at 4k we hit 30 P and then also has a 3700 milliamp hour battery with that super VOOC charging which charges supposedly to 40 % in 10 minutes and doesn’t take much over 30 minutes to actually charge it from 0 to 100 and the phone does not have an IP rating as far as its water resistance and dust resistance now after I set this up you’ll see the finger print sensor works pretty well it’s under the screen it works pretty well I’ve used this on a 1 plus 60 this actually feels a little bit more responsive for some reason.

It’s nice and fast now the back is glass and the back does not have wireless charging but we do have that super loop charging the phone is set up and this is the default home screen now of course you can change this all around but everything so far feels really fast and smooth you do have the smart assistant built-in I’ve been trying to make it work with Google assistant and you can do that by holding here that’s a fast way to get to it but I haven’t been able to find a way to just make it slide over here without changing one of the themes which I may do later on now this was the default wallpaper and everything installed and you’ll see it installed opera as the main browser and then one of the things that’s kind of nice is if we go into settings here you’ll see we can customize just about everything home screen and lock screen magazine we’ve got a bunch of different settings we can customize.

If I go back here let’s take a look at about phone and you’ll see that this one is like I said 8gigabytes of RAM unfortunately its Android 8.1 point 0 so hopefully they update this soon that’s the only thing that’s a little bit behind and the security patch is October 2018 so that part is the only disappointing part about this so far everything’s super fast and responsive and it lays out the themes like this and now these are all installed by default with the exception of pub G which we’ll take a look at in a little bit and that’s pretty much it everything else is basically the same if you open the camera app it’s pretty fast.

We’ll take a look at pictures in a moment but the default layout of this is quite nice let’s take a look at pub G because this was pretty fast as far as it playing now you do have these quick icons here off to the side which is nice you just swipe in and you can get to it very quickly let me zoom in here a little bit now all the settings are set to high and waiting for it to load but one thing that’s nice is if I hit this button here it shows us in the Task how much of the RAM we’re actually using so we’re using three point 4 GB of 8 GB available so we’ll go back here and hit OK that’s fine.

We’ll leave everything on high and it will wait for the game to load will it start and see how it actually performs now there is only one speaker unfortunately it’s not stereo speakers let me turn that down and you can see it actually looks really really nice let’s go forward here it looks as pretty close to a PC I’ve played this on full resolution on PC and this is probably the best I’ve seen it’s actually pretty pretty smooth and we’ll wait for it you’ll see here frame rates pretty good this usually slows down even on a PC unless you have a really good graphics card so you’ll see I’m playing pub G it’s working well I’m doing pretty well also the frame rate is nice it’s easy to play on here because everything’s.

Smooth and it uses some battery I’m down to six percent batteries so I’m going to play this until it’s completely drained so that I can test the battery itself and see how fast it charges but overall it’s doing pretty well it does get a little bit warm here in the top left of the phone not hot but a little bit warm and overall I think it’ll handle just about any game it if it will play this pretty well so no issues here now the battery is completely drained I waited until the phone actually shut off so we know it’s at zero so we’ll get the charger here take this little sleeve off I’ll plug it in and then we’ll time it to see what kind of charge speed we get should be40% in 10 minutes and just over a half hour to fully charge it so we’re plugged in let’s go ahead and plug in the phone we’ll turn it over and see what we get so we’ll hit start and it’s charging let’s see what we get so we’re at 1% in10 seconds so let’s see what we have here it’s 5 minutes now let’s see what we’re at we’re at 22% in five minutes so another five minutes we should be at our 40%.

I’s pretty impressive how fast this is charging we’re at the ten minute mark let’s see what we’re at and we’re at 39% so it’s basically 40 percent that’s pretty impressive I thought maybe it’d be a little bit over that but that’s pretty good and it just turned to 40 percent at 10 minutes and 12 seconds so I think it’s pretty close to what they’re saying let’s see how long it takes to fully charge now it has been 30 minutes so let’s see what we’re at we’re at 91% after 30 minutes and the funny thing is the phone isn’t even hot so you’d think it’d be really hot it’s not so we’re at 92 percent we’re at 99percent at 38 minutes so I’ll guess of another two to five minutes so after 40minutes we’re 100% charged and the back is not really that warm we’re at 29degrees or so Celsius or 84 degrees Fahrenheit so that’s pretty impressive.

I did test the temperature of the charger it hit about 90 degrees Fahrenheit so that’s pretty impressive for charging the phone 40 minutes from0% to 100% I have seen it at 35 minutes and some other videos this is what I got with our current charger here so I don’t know if it’s something to do between countries and voltages but 40 minutes either way just for comparison Apple says with the 10s max you can charge this to 50% in just 30 minutes where we get almost a full charge in 30 minutes with this phone so that’s really impressive now all the applications on here that are installed by default you cannot remove any of them not easily anyway as you can see there now of course Facebook we could that was installed by default we can delete that one so some of these you can delete some of them you cannot and the display looks great the viewing angle is quite good the only thing is extreme angles you’re not going to be able to see but it’s actually as good as any other that.

I’ve ever seen some of the best ole ads out there and one thing to know is they actually have a screen protector installed on here it’s very hard to see but it is there and it’s installed by default so that part’s really nice you can feel it just on the edges there and this is going to be a finger print magnet so let’s take a look at some of the camera photos that it takes and see what it looks like and so far I’m pretty impressed by the actual camera I’ve only taken one photo right now I’m gonna take a bunch and you’ll see them after I’ve taken them this is the Oppo R17 pro camera it’s video stabilized and it’s in 4k for only 4k 30 frames per second so if you want that 60fps you won’t be able to do that the actual cameras work pretty well and the photos look pretty good but the problem is with the video the video quality the colors don’t look correct they’re very oversaturated and the quality is just not there especially with the microphone as well.

It’s just not that great but it’s a picture camera it’s quite nice now the forward facing camera is quite good it’s 25 megapixels you’ll see it’s got that dual pixel autofocus it’s tracking me around and it stays locked on so you want to focus either with video or photos it’s quite good that way and then you have different AI Smart Beauty modes you can turn that off and it’s in a real time when it’s actually showing you a preview so that part’s really nice now the overall experience of the phone is quite good the battery lasts quite a long time I’ve only charged this a couple times and I’ve been very impressed as while I haven’t had my main sim card in it the entire time the battery holds up pretty well. Let’s go to battery you’ll see we’re at 27% it’s giving me optimization options and overall its usage you’ll see expected usage is about 7 hours 39 minutes so it’ll easily get you through a day and then if you want to just plug it in charge it in 30 minutes and you’re done for most of the day that’ll get you home for 90 percent usually and you’re pretty much good to go at that point and the only complaint I have to say is alack of stereo speakers and wireless charging but that super boot charging is really making up the difference because it’s so fast but that’s it let me know what you think about it in the comments below thanks to Oppo for sending this along or Oppo depending where you’re from I’m not sure the best way to pronounce this as we don’t have this company in the United States let me know what you think in the comments below I do like this color and things.

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